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June 4, 2020

Traveling to another state during a pandemic with a baby was by far the most chaotic adventure I have ever taken.

To all the parents out there who have or do still travel with a baby or child you already know what struggle I am talking about. You have to pack 3x more items. You exceed your free checked luggage on and under the plane very quickly. I had to be super picky about what I brought and deemed we needed. Turned out we didn’t need like half the clothes I packed for Lorelai, but I wasn’t sure how often I would be doing laundry at my sister-in-law’s house.

Getting through security was…. well… thank goodness for TSA Pre-check! With Pre-check you do not have to take all your electronics out, take your shoes off plus some other great perks. Which is so helpful when you have all the following to get through security:
-Camera bag
-Laptop bag
-Breast pump + milk (which they make you take all the bottles out and place it into another tray, remember that mommas).
-Suitcase full of flashes + stands
-Diaper bag

This is not including the THREE other bags we checked before going through security.

Can you say stressful?

We were lucky and had the most patient TSA security helping us get all our stuff organized and sorted to get checked out. Not to mention the long line we created behind us. I counted and we had 11 bins going through the scanner. haha.

Not only was this our first time flying as a family of three we also had crazy restrictions to follow the entire because of COVID-19. Masks, social distancing, only 2 people per row…. this was our FAVORITE rule of all time. When we booked this time 4 months ago we were so worried that someone would be that person and sit in the row with me, Justin, Lorelai, and all our stuff. Due to new guidelines, they do not let three people sit in a row anymore so we got lucky for the first time family flyers.

Lorelai was a doll the entire flight. She only got fussy two times and we fixed that quickly with some food. Every person on the plan just ohhed and ahhed at her. This little lady is admired by all around and it made our nerves of flying with her go down a lot. We didn’t expect she would behave as great as she did. Lorelai really surprises us with how much she handles at such a young age. We are very lucky to have her.

Being in Austin is always a favorite past time of mine with my husband. He is from that area and watching him light up when we drive by his old school, or the restaurant he ate at every Sunday after Church is priceless. We always stay in the Leander area and hang out by the pool with his sister and brother plus their families. I typically make this a mini-vacation for myself and never bring my camera nor plan to work.

This time around we were going to Austin so I could photograph the beautiful High Pointe Estates. I will have another blog post about that shoot in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

This time going to Austin I knew I needed to photograph an engagement session. I put out an add. I found a sweet couple to photograph. Then we met at sunrise to do some downtown Austin engagement photos.

Thank you so much Taelor and Marshall for spending the morning with me, Justin and Lorelai!

I cannot wait until I see you again.





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