"We are a brand that complements individuals who perceive their existence as extravagant, designer-oriented, blissful, and refined."

Our clients hire us because we are photo + cinema. They are excited that we offer both services and they have a team that is organized to get all their intentional and editorial shots. 

The Ashley Ice Client values photo and video and understands the importance of their wedding events. 

The ideal Ashley Ice Client knows all they have left after the day is the photos and videos. 

They are wanting content to post to their own social media accounts. Our clients strive to wow their followers. 

ideal client



During your discovery call a custom proposal will be prepared for you. This will include additional days, travel, and tangibles you have requested.  

what are associates?

what is content creation

Everyone who works on our Ashley Ice team only work for Ashley Ice. The associates are like having Ashley Ice shoot your wedding, but cannot afford to have Ashley Ice. The Associate team is Amber, Heather, Kelsey, Emily, and Leah. 

We create vertical footage from our iPhones or professional videos that are ready to post to your feed. 

where are you willing to travel too?

We are willing to travel to any location. We are specialized in Paris, Italy, Mexico, and the US. However, we are looking forward to weddings in Greece, Turks and Caicos, The UK, Ireland. 

can we book just video?

Usually no, however if your wedding is fastly approaching and we are still open, we may consider it. Just fill out the inquiry and be clear on budget, and your needs. 

do I need a planner to hire you? 

You will eventually need a planner, however you can hire me before you hire a planner. We do require at sometime during your planning process a state licensed, and insured, wedding planner is hired. 

how do you price travel

I include travel in your quote, but I also can keep it out and we can use credit card points to book our flights, hotel, and more. 
We only fly southwest Domestically. Then Delta only for International. 

can you send me a full wedding gallery to view? 

Yes, I am happy to share a similar wedding gallery with you. Just ask! I never want to overwhelm anyone with too much information. 

Have you shot at my....

No matter the venue or church, we are able to create beautiful portraits. All venues and ceremony locations are the same. 4 walls, windows, and artificial light. We are always equipped to deal with any situation. 

Frequently asked questions

how we serve each couple

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.

We are organized and will keep everything on track for images wanted  by our couples. 
We are not wedding planners, but we know what our team needs to make your matching video and photos possible from the couples wishes. 

We are posers, but also make the candid magic happen effortlessly. 

We watch the trends and will present new takes, or new ideas to each couple to give their event the luxury experience they deserve. 

We are content creators. We take your photos and videos we have created and make you the content to post to your own social media feeds. 



PHOTO BY Ashley ice photography