Zach + Genna’s Proposal Session


February 17, 2022

Proposal season is upon us… what am I even saying?! Every day is proposal season!


When planning for your proposal you need these key things: 

  1. A plan 
  2. A ring 
  3. A photographer… yes! Yes, you do. And here is why! 


This moment is HUGE. This is a core memory type of thing. We cannot leave it up to friends and family to take photos with their iPhones and hope something special turns out. You need professional photos to really capture the moment and to have quality images to last your entire life and on. 


Tips to a successful proposal:


  1. Have a best friend pick out additional outfits to wear after the proposal, OR even better, have them choose their outfit prior 
  2. Hire a planner or coordinator if you are going bigger than the intimate proposal from Zach and Genna’s proposal seen below. Planners will ensure all vendors are where they need to be when they need to be!  
  3. Be yourself with it– don’t over do it if that is not you! 
  4. Simple is sometimes better 
  5. Distract the purposee all day long if you can. Book a massage, lunch with friends– whatever! 
  6. Remember to ask them to marry you. Don’t just show the ring. Ha! I get to say this because still to this day my own husband has not asked me to be his wife. He only showed me the ring! I mean, actions speak louder than words, but these are some of the most important words you’ll ever say! 
  7. Put the ring on their finger for them! Yep… this is another I am allowed to say because I had to place my own ring on my finger! 
  8. Throw a party or intimate dinner afterwards–  whatever is your flare 
  9. Call up all the very important people that night or the next day to let them know. 
  10. Wait to post on social media — what?? Yes.. you need to wait. Make sure you have called and told everyone who needs to know first hand, THEN post on social media. 


Are you sold about getting a professional for your proposal session? You should be! Proposing is the first step to getting married, and it’s better to start out strong. Leave it up to the professionals, trust me. Be like Zach… book a proposal session!

If you’re looking for a proposal session, please contact me and my team- we would love to work with you! Check out our portfolio to get a better sense of our style, and follow us on Instagram!

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