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June 16, 2020

An open letter to my baby sister before she gets married…

I remember all the things we did, like riding bikes way past dark, staying up late on Christmas Eve giggling, and running in the sprinkler during the hot summer nights.

I also remember all the things we should not have been doing. Like jumping off the swing set to the trampoline, or when we would sneak too many Oreos and give ourselves belly aches.

Whatever it was we did it together. I may have hated it a lot more than I loved it at times… but now I love looking back at all our fun. We had a blast together. We didn’t let any place or situation really stop our imaginations from creating fun. We could create a game out of literally nothing and also a fight. Haha.

I am so excited for you to start this journey in your life.

My advice to you that I live on.

You are marrying the person you are with… not for yourself. You enter a marriage for the other person, not for your own selfish wants. It is hard to remember this at times but when you do it makes all the battles easier.

Remember grace, patience, and love with everything you do.

Marriage is not something that should be taken lightly.

It is a living thing that lives in both of you. You can hurt Marriage, but you can also heal Marriage. But Marriage cannot live without you both giving 100%.

Keep your hearts close to God and you will always know the right things to do. You will always have love to fall back on when you cannot find it on your own.

There is a so much more I could say but I am going to keep somethings to myself until my speech at your wedding.

I love you baby sister

I cannot wait for your wedding day baby sister..

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