Kristen + Matt’s Kansas City Engagement Session


February 11, 2022

Yes, this is an engagement session post, but it’s also a love letter to me and my husband’s closest friends. Get your tissues ready. 

As I was putting these images together for the blog, I was struck with a realization: these were taken in 2018, which means it has been four years since I met these two amazing humans.

How is that even possible?

Throughout the planning process for their engagement session, I got to know Kristen at a distance through IG– I saw her stories, I read about her life. Okay let’s be honest … I stalked her… lol. I wanted to know more about her, her views, and her fiancé Matt. I slowly sent “clap backs” when I agreed to anything she sent.

Eventually, we were talking as if we were friends. #goalsforanyphotographer

We had A LOT, and I mean A LOT in common, and it was amazing to be in an instant friendship like that. I felt like myself, open, and honest.

As the years have passed, Kristen and I still talk daily. We share fun facts, information, and funny moments. I know that she is a true life-long friend not only to me, but my family as well.

Matt and my husband are SUPER close. My husband doesn’t get close to many people, but immediately he “fell in love” with Matt. #bromance 

Without crying too much over my keyboard (because I totally haven’t been already), I’m going to do my best to try to find the words to say how much these two people have changed all aspects of my life. 

Kristen and Matt’s friendship has helped my husband and I grow as a couple, as people, and as parents. In our eyes, they are pros at this relationship thing; going on 13 years in 2022… how could you not look up to that and seek advice? One of the most important parts in a deep, true friendship is the ability to challenge each other to be better, to hold each other accountable, and to inspire each other. Having that kind of friendship is so rare, and we are truly blessed to have found it in Kristin and Matt. 

Through the rough times we have had in the past 20 months, they have been a rock for us. Especially Kristen to me. Being a mom of two babies under two who worries so much, I knew I could text her for anything– express my thoughts or ask for help or advice without being judged. She has saved me in the darkest of moments of feeling like the world was literally crashing down. Because honestly, it really is…

Matt to Justin is like a best friend and brother. I am not totally aware of just how often they talk to each other; however, to me it feels like every day since we’re either physically together or talking in the group chat. It’s like we have never stopped talking, and we always bounce back to laughing and making jokes. I see my husband his goofiest and happiest when Matt comes around. It makes my heart happy to see him so excited to hang out with someone, to have conversations where they are both genuinely learning from each other, or just cracking up at who knows what. 

Justin and I are not people who typically have a ton of friends, especially now with two babies, so we really do cherish this friendship. Matt and Kristen have always been there, and got even closer when they had a baby of their own. They have been our truest, dearest, and kindest friends ever.

They are the people I would truly do anything for, and fully trust to no end.

I love you guys.

Thank you for being our friends.

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