Kelly and Mitch’s Modern Elegant Downtown Wedding


August 9, 2020

Oh my!

What a beautiful day yesterday! The sun was shining, the wind was blowing a cool breeze, and Kelly and Mitch got married, AGAIN!

What a joyous day it was.

This wedding day was planned for May 2, 2020, however with the world how it is. They needed to delay their big celebration for a few months.

Not ideal for all their plan, however it was a day that I will never forget.

Why you ask?

Well here is why…

Kelly and Mitch still got married in the Church in May of this year. On August 8, they decided to keep their Catholic ceremony so all their family and friends could witness their love. So they had a vow renewal, and it was so beautiful. Not because the church was gorgeous, or the flowers were perfect, it was because of their love to each other is so strong.

When Mitch saw Kelly in her wedding dress for the first time as she walked down the aisle, he got tears in his eyes. Just like he did the first time when she was wearing a plain ole white lace dress on May 2.

It was so wonderful seeing him like that again, just three months later. There were no jitters, no stress, just him enjoying his wife walking towards again to profess her love for him.

That there my dears is a true beauty to any ceremony or wedding.

It doesn’t matter that the wedding wasn’t on the date they planned, the weather wasn’t as cool as they wanted. It mattered that they were willing to say yes to each other again when everything in their world has been turned upside down.

I hope you all enjoy these sneaks!

Full blog coming soon!





Unique things they did at their wedding you could do!

Long white robe for the bride
Lace floral robes for the bridesmaids – the added lace gives a great elegant texture
Light blue/dusty blue bridesmaids dress- this color is not used enough! It photographs so well!
Champagne pop with your bridesmaids before getting dressed
Groom wears a white jacket with black pants – this created a sleep high-end look
If you are a bridesmaid this tip if for you – create an album full of photos and pictures for the brides to reminisce on. each page is dedicated to a certain person in the brides’ bridal party.
Custom last name sign on a boxwood wall for a unique photo op for all your guests!


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