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April 28, 2020

Having a dog is one of the greatest joys in life.

They are fun, spunky, and full of unconditional love. Which makes them the perfect add-on to any family. You love to take them to the park, car rides, and pretty much anywhere that allows dogs. They are part of your everyday happiness. You should want to bring them to your engagement session.

You may think, “oh no, they are too crazy! They are not well-behaved”.

Do not worry about that. I have never had a dog that was too crazy for me.

Here are the best tips to make it easier to bring your dog to your engagement session. No matter how your dog is tempered.

  1. Have someone bring your dog for you. This will allow them to take the dog away once we are done with your dog.
  2. Treats are a great thing to bring. These should only be held by me and not the person who brought the dog. I will want to gain their full attention.
  3. Be patient. Your dog is doing the best they can! They smell new smells, and see all sorts of fun things. I am patient and I have never called it quits on any dog. I want to get all the photos we can.

Here are tips to make the dog photographically perfect for your session.

  1. Bring a leash that is not brightly colored if your dog does need to stay on a leash.
  2. Invest in a garland (real or fake) to decorate the leash up. View this blog to see how Bri and Jake did it for their wedding! 
  3. If your dog wears a harness usually, make sure you have a collar to clip the leash onto so we can remove the harness.
  4. If your dog is light in color make sure they get a good bath prior to the shoot. We do not want them to look dingy.

Bringing your dog to your engagement session is something that every couple should feel comfortable doing. Following these tips above should set your mind at ease!



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