Carra + Greg’s Downtown Kansas City Post-Wedding Session


January 28, 2022

Wedding day portraits are always thought to be done on the wedding day, and it’s always a mad dash. How many locations can I cram into one day? Is my hair and makeup running late? Please let the groomsmen find their shoes. WIll I be able to leave on time? 

There are literally endless opportunities for a wedding day to fall behind schedule, resulting in cut time for your portraits. Photographers never want to let a client down, so cut time is our absolute worst nightmare. We do what we can on a wedding day, of course, but time is the most precious part of your day for us.

So, Carra and Greg… not only did we get to work with Carra and Greg once, not even twice or three times, but FIVE times. Photography was such a high priority for Carra and Greg that they had TWO engagement sessions, two weddings- not on purpose- followed by a post-wedding session to grab in some more locations without their wedding party. As a photographer, I call that a dream client– I wish every one of my clients went this route. 

Let me explain a little bit more about why you should, without a doubt, do a post-wedding session. Photographers love them, you need them, and so many couples are choosing to add this on!

Why you need a post-wedding session:  ⁠

  1. It is just the two of you – no one else
  2. You can get to more locations than you can on a hectic wedding day
  3. Get access to amazing places in Kansas City that you cannot on a weekend day.  *** If you’re a booked bride, contact me for more information! I don’t want to give out all my trade secrets in this post. 


Why couples are choosing to do their photos after their wedding date: ⁠

  1. Cannot handle doing everything in one day, plus the anxiety that sets in when you want to stop taking photos 
  2. Your wedding day is way too hot or cold
  3. The stress of standing in front of hundreds of people is getting to you and you are not feeling portraits 
  4. You both want to focus on your marriage/getting married instead of all the photos
  5. We shoot at 1-2 locations on the wedding day instead of 5-10 – this creates less stress but you’re not getting everything you want
  6. You’re not having a first look and have minimal time for portraits 
  7. You have a sunset ceremony with no first look – no sunlight for portraits
  8. You have a reception dress that is not making its appearance until later in the night and want daylight photographs in it 


Why photographers love them:

  1. There is no pressure for us to fit everything into one day
  2. You can add cool props that are easier to get access to on weekday shoots – ex: cars
  3. Better access to locations –there are no other weddings to compete with for the space 
  4. We are able to be more creative! Also, we do not have to babysit any groomsmen who run away…all jokes…well kinda


Okay, so you’re sold right??? 

I knew you would be! 

So now you’re thinking… When can we do this?! 

The answer is whenever you want; however, we suggest at least two months after the wedding date. If you’re a destination couple, we suggest the next day or two in the mid-afternoon. Ultimately, it really depends on your honeymoon and when you’re leaving, but don’t worry – we will help you plan this!

Ready to book your own post-wedding session? Great, contact us now and we can get to work! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for new posts and updates. 

If you’re still not totally sold on this idea, leave your comments below – let’s chat!

Also, a very special thank-you to Solstice Floral Studio for their incredible work with the beautiful bouquet for this session!

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